Friday, October 29, 2010

Another one bites the dust

So now that Halloween is upon us, my mind is already shifting gears, checking off another holiday, and looking forward to the next things coming down the turnpike like winter and the next holidays. I was up in Park City earlier this week, and it snowed the whole day, it wasn't even their first snow day this year, the only thing I could think was how sorry I felt for them having their winter start so early! You might have guessed I am not the biggest fan of the cold. As for us we are all geared for when our winter here hits, coats (check), gloves and hat (check, check), boots (check)! Now we just need to make room for them in the closet by getting the Halloween costumes in all their bulky glory cleared out!

Well if you're getting ready for the impending cold too I know I have mentioned it before, but we are bursting at the seams (literally) with some really good stuff for winter! We are putting out as much as we can fit (four racks of coats, four baskets or bins of hats and gloves that are sooo cute, and sections dedicated to snow boots, pants and bibs! So stop by the store to check, check, check items off your winter list! Oh, and if you are needing to unload the Halloween costumes that the kids wore once or twice, don't store 'em! We take them even the day after Halloween, so you can get some store credit for the stuff coming down the turnpike at your house!

This week's giveaway is for a large Cheerful Giver Candle over at Sweet Lizzie's! If this won't warm your house with the delicious scent, then I don't know much else that would! These are awesome candles that have around 150 hours of burn time(for the large size), and even taking off the lid will give the room a great smell! There are several scents to choose from from fruity to floral to those baking scents that smell like you just baked sugar cookies! We have carried these at Sweet Pea in the past, these are every bit as good as the other candles on the market right now if not better!!! Post a comment to enter to win and the winner will be drawn on Tuesday this time since this post has come late this evening!

P.S. Check out the Sweet Lizzie's Blog this week, there are scrumptious new arrivals in furniture and sweets!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Giveaway winner from 10/22 post/New arrival

Thanks for all your great comments this past weekend! We are excited to have toys back again, and we will surely be having some re-arranging going on to fit all the new arrivals! The winner for the Melissa and Doug Giveaway is #11 Sweetpea08 (great name eh?:)) Congrats, you may pick up your prize at the store! Thanks to all of you for being great customers!

Speaking of toys, we have an awesome new arrival at the store right now, it's a Fur real Smores pony! These normally retail for between $269.00 to $300.00. We have it for less than half the price! These are so fun and do some amazing things! The kids can sit on the pony and ride, feed him a snack and watch as his gaze follows them around the room! Come down to the store and check it out, with Christmas right around the corner this would make a great gift idea!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Toys Are Back!!

As many of you may know, we have had a hold on buying gently used toys for about a year now so as to learn about the new lead laws that have been passed. Now that we have educated ourselves we are excited to announce we will now be opening our doors again to your gently used toys!

If your house is anything like ours, we have plenty of good toys that are in great shape, the kids have grown out of them and they need to find a new home! I am always needing to clean out the closets and the toy chests to keep the house from bursting! We love to see puzzles, games, toys with batteries, toys with lots of parts that are bagged together (and no missing parts and pieces of course), all clean and in good condition! Our customers have asked if there are any toys that we don't accept, in the past we have not done as well with stuffed animals such as teddy bears and the like, so these would be items to take into consideration when putting together your toy drop-off.

If you don't have toys to bring into us but are looking to buy, Sweet Pea is a great place to find toys that won't break the bank! We are sure to have a variety of the gently used as well as some new items! We just sold an awesome fire truck pedal car that had a great vintage look, but have more great items like a Lightning McQueen table and chairs, an art desk and large easel to name a few!

This week's giveaway is for a new Melissa and Doug toy of your choice up to a $12.99 value. Post a comment and refer a friend to the blog to enter to win! As always we will draw the winner on Monday!
Don't forget our other blog! There are notifications of sweet things every week!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Giveaway winners from 10/15 post & new arrivals

So I bet you've been waiting all day to find out who the winners are! For the Sweet Pea $10 gift certificate #8 Mike and Heidi, and for the Sweet Lizzie's $10 gift certificate #15 The Fantastic Four! Your winnings can be picked up at the respective stores! Thanks for all you comments - and for getting into the Halloween spirit!!

I have been hoping to have some great things to post on the blog about new arrivals, but things are hopping so much at the store that nothing lasts long! We just got a couple of fantastic finds at the Sweet Pea on Saturday, a triple jogger from Be Be excellent condition, originally retails for around $550.00 our price $249.99! Looking for a bike trailer? The one we have right now is also in excellent condition and is $52.99. These won't last long, so if you or someone you know might be interested stop in and check it out!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Freebie Friday just got sweeter!

Are you all ready for the Halloween holiday coming up? Around our house we have all our creepy decorations up, costumes picked, and kids are chomping at the bit for the big trick-or-treat day to arrive! I'm trying to decide if I am going to do a little disguise myself...we'll see.

Some of you out there may not be into Halloween as much as others, but no matter how excited you get about the Halloween season one thing is for sure, it's fun to dress up and get treats! Especially when you got to the down town trick-or-treat! (by the way Halloween is on a SUNDAY this year, so the down town trick-or-treat is on Saturday night!) For those of you that haven't been it is a great way to see the fun stores and established businesses that are in down town Tooele. Plus there is good candy from Sweet Pea and our new sister store Sweet Lizzie's ;)The trick-or-treat usually runs for about three hours and the kids can go around and trick-or-treat at the local businesses, WALLAH, they get loads of candy and you keep your sanity!

Still need a costume? We get different ones in every day! We still have lots to choose from, so if you haven't chosen the disguise for Halloween night get on over to Sweet Pea and see what tempts your creative genius! OR if you just want some cute Halloween T's, leggings, or PJ's for the little ones, we have plenty of those too! Trust me, your wallet will thank you!

Okay, I'll get to the give away! This week's giveaway will be two separate drawings. The first drawing is a $10 gift certificate to Sweet Pea and the second is a $10 gift certificate for Sweet Lizzie's! (Sweet Lizzie's has some great ideas for fun Halloween party or gift treats!) Two chances to sweet is that? Leave a comment and don't forget to tell a friend about the blog! Winners will be posted on Monday.

P.S. If you haven't visited our Sweet Lizzie's blog, check it out!

Monday, October 11, 2010

What basics will you stock up on??

Okay so Monday morning quickly turned into Monday evening....sorry for the delay! The lucky winner is #2 Johnny and Kristel! Congrats and thanks to everyone who posted a comment, there will be another chance to post and win later this week!

When cleaning out closets and garages don't forget we LOVE things that are in great condition and clean such as; joggers, strollers, furniture, play pens, swings, and so much more! Oh, and we take all seasons of clothing all year round, so don't hesitate to bring us your summer goodies now! Thanks to our awesome customers that make Sweet Pea a success!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Down to Basics

I'm sure at some point everyone needs to stock up on the basic necessities for their little ones. Are you or someone you know adding a new little one to the family tree? These are a few of the basics that we are super stocked on; baby girl and boy clothes, including onsies 2 for $1, cotton pants $1, socks 8 pair for $1.99, (can't beat those prices for basics!!) baby bathtubs, Johny Jump ups, jumparoos, infant carriers, crib mattresses, bouncy seats, swings, changing tables, baby food, formula, boppy pillows, blankies, and car seat covers just to name a few! With the money saved, you'll be able to not only afford the basics, but indulge in a few of the non-necessities as well! Who can't use a few extra dollars in their pockets? Did I mention parents of multiples get 10% off?
This week's giveaway is for a $15 shopping spree so that you can stock up on baby basics! To enter, post a comment about what your favorite baby necessity is or has been, and why. (mine is a Hot money I ever spent, made my life sooo much easier!). The winner will be posted on Monday Morning, suddenly Monday mornings don't seem so dull any more!

P.S. Speaking of necessities we are busily putting out coats, hats, gloves, snow pants and snow boots. There are some really great things going out right now!! Don't wait until it's too late, get stocked now, and don't forget your Sweet Pea punch card!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thirteen IS lucky...

Another Monday morning ughh...but it just got a little more exciting because the winners for the blog giveaways have just been drawn! For the Halloween blog giveaway, #13 Storys (guess 13 is a lucky number after all!) And for last week's giveaway of the crocheted hat #5 Misty! Congrats, your prizes can be redeemed or picked up at the store. Stay tuned and tell a friend, because another post is coming this week!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Need your Sweet Pea fix?

For those of you who have been hankerin' for a little more Sweet Pea in your life, we are going to be increasing our updates and keeping the giveaways coming! This week we will be drawing the giveaway from our September 17th Halloween post, and also draw a new giveaway for this week. To enter for this week's giveaway tell a friend about all the Sweet Pea Blog goodness, and post a comment about what you are doing to get your home, kids, etc. ready for Fall!

Speaking of Fall, here is the giveaway for this week; A super cute Crocheted girls/ladies hat of your choice (they come in small, medium, or large sizes). These would be super sweet for the coming know it's coming even though we are having weather in the 80's!! These come in different styles, in a nice variety of colors (19 to be exact!) with such yummy little crocheted flowers on them, you might need one in every color for every outfit!!! We will post the winners for the Halloween blog and this week's blog on Monday Morning! Good Luck!