Friday, November 26, 2010

Bargains for Black Friday (and Saturday)

I know it's nearing the end of Black Friday, but you still have a couple of hours left! We are having a great SALE SALE SALE! BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF on all clothing and shoes!!! Don't miss this and tell your neighbors and friends, as if Sweet Pea doesn't have enough great deals as it is, we are having even better deals this weekend! This sale goes through Saturday, so take advantage of this great Sale!

We are not doing a giveaway this weekend because this sale is such a great deal, and everyone can get in on it...but don't worry, we'll be doing another one again next time!

Not only do we have some great deals going on, but American Express is doing a promo this weekend (November 27th) when you shop at small local businesses you will receive a $25 statement credit! Now that's some savings! So when you support your local businesses this weekend you will really be saving a lot!

Hope you all had a great holiday and see you all at the store this weekend!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Death by Chocolate -giveaway winner 11/19 post

Who gets death by chocolate? Would you have it any other way? Lucky #9 kathystoddard! For all of us who are drooling you'll have to post what kind you get! :) Thanks for all of your comments!, and sorry it came a few hours late!

This week at the store we have a large section of $1 items! Some items include baby clothing and bedding as well as Jr's clothing and other items! Stop by and check it out!

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, and no death by turkey or pie so that you can enter this week's giveaway!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Under the Weather and the Blustery Blues

Our family, like many others, has not been the picture of health as of late and would love a day to just rest and do nothing. You know those blustery days or sick days when you wish the world would stop spinning even just for a day so you could cuddle up under the covers with a good book and some junk food? Well our giveaway this week matches that mood! Whether you're under the weather or avoiding the weather, you're going to enjoy this one! Five books of your choice from Sweet Pea, and half a pound of chocolate from Sweet Lizzie's, what goes together better than chocolate and a good book? We don't just have children's books, we have books for tweens and for Moms too! So you know the drill....leave a comment to enter to win and I will draw a winner on Monday!

As always we are looking for the following items; dressers, twin beds, toddler beds, stationary sided cribs, night stands, changing tables, and bookshelves to name a few! (even if these items are less that pretty, bring 'em in, we would love to look at them!

Don't forget to check our other blog for sweet treats and new arrivals to our other store!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hot giveaways at the hottest stores in town!

I thought we needed something a little different for this week's giveaway, you know something to liven things up just a little! This week we are having a Blog coupon hunt in both Sweet Pea and Sweet Lizzie's! Each store will have 5 coupons each hidden in various places throughout each store for different discounts and free items (only one coupon per customer)! Bring a friend and enjoy browsing through fun new arrivals that have come in this week! These are great discounts, so don't miss it!

Speaking of new arrivals, we have so much junior girls stuff coming in that we just clearanced a lot to make room!! A whole rack of $.99 items are waiting to be shopped! Just yesterday we pulled even more great winter clothing out in sizes 6-9 months up to sizes 7-8, not to mention all the great new stuff still waiting to be tagged and put out!! It's never the same store twice when we have this much new stuff coming all the time! Oh, and if you don't see something that you are looking for in all the new inventory, let us know...we'll put you on the wish list for when it does come in, and we'll do our best to contact you if we see what you're looking for!

So this week you won't need to post a comment to win, but it would be great to hear from you all on what you thought about this week's giveaway!

Some hot new arrivals just came into Sweet Lizzie's check out the blog!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

giveaway winner 11/5 post

So I am a day late posting the winner for the fun fall headbands, it would be lucky #4 Anja! You can pick up your headband at the store!

So hopefully all of you will be checking in on Friday for the giveaway, it will be something a little different and fun! Tell your friends and family, because this will be fun for everyone!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Get the fall fancies!

Who needs some sprucing for your fall wardrobe? ME!! So we got some fantastic new hats and new colors of headscarf back in! Not to mention new fashion scarves! The picture only show about half the colors, and only a couple of colors of hats! We got a few new styles of the caps with fun studs and Fleur De Li's and peace sign designs! They even come in kids sizes!! These would make great gifts, and they are about $7 less expensive than the competition that puts them at $12.99 each! Sweet Pea saves the checkbook again! But hurry in, these won't last long!

There are some fun new arrivals this week by way of children's toys! We have a cute wooden fridge and stove that are painted cream with pink, blue and other pastel colored handles and knobs. Fridge $19.99 and stove $24.99.

Our giveaway this week is for a headband of your color choice. These are so cute on just about everyone I have seen try them on! Enter your comment for a chance to win, and the winner will be drawn on Monday evening!

For some awesome furniture finds visit our other blog

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Winner 10/26 post

Have you ever noticed that Sweet pea has a great selection of children's and tween books? Eat your heart out blossoming book worms! We have a variety of good books in great condition, which makes stocking the home library much more affordable! We even have a good movie selection for those days when you need the kids to have a little entertainment or R&R!

The giveaway winner for last week's post is #11 Jessica and Justin Stoddard! Congrats, you can pick up your prize at Sweet Lizzie's! Keep the comments coming for the upcoming giveaways, we are sure to have some fun giveaways coming up!