Saturday, July 31, 2010

Giveaway 7/31

After a busy, busy weekend culminating in a night at urgent care for a suspected ear infection for one of the kids, this week's giveaway is inspired by date nights (or a lack thereof :)...

Leave a comment & tell a friend about the blog and we'll enter you to win a pair of movie tickets to Tooele's Cinema 6...I'll draw a winner bright and early Tues am...(around our house, bright and early depends on how the baby slept through the night). Good luck!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back to School is in Full Swing

Alright, I know that temperatures are soaring and popsicles are dripping and we are all busy momming...however, just a heads up, when you are ready, so are we...We've clearanced out the old and have frantically reshelved the absolutely delicious selection of back to school clothing.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lucky Number 13 is our winner!

Congrats to Luke and Tina...courtesy of (which is sooooo nice to generate random numbers so I don't have to mull over which ones of you are my favorites...let's face it, you all are :).

Friday, July 23, 2010

Crazy $1 Sale and Giveaway...7/23

Alright, ladies (and theoretically, gentlemen). Here is a heads up. Our $1 sale starts today (you know the one I speak of...oodles and scoodles of fun stuff piled on tables and up for grabs for just $1...we are adding 18 more bags tonight, so if you didn't make it in today, check it out tomorrow).

Our giveaway for the week is a $25 gift certificate. Leave a comment to enter. I'll pull a winner bright and early on Monday morning.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Winner 7/9

Courtesy of is a winner for the weekly giveaway. #11 Danielle Thornock you are the winner. Congrats & you can pick it up in the store!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Arrrgh, the new arrivals that I was going to post sold...

So I went and took pics and sure enough, all three things I was going to highlight are sold. At least I can still post the contest for the weekend!

Also, I thought I'd take a minute and announce our big sale Monday...It's huge! (we've only offered this deal one other time in six years). Everything in the store is buy one, get one half off including furniture, shoes, jeans (just in time for back to school), new Melissa and Doug toys (stock up the birthday present cupboard) and more. The only exclusion is bows since they aren't store owned. Great deals for the rest of summer and back to school. Pass the word along to a friend!

P.S. after a couple months of incredible busy-ness with opening the new store and enjoying the baby, we have gotten back on track on our birthday club. May, June's and July's should be in your mailbox today or by Tuesday. If your kids aren't registered for the club, it is a super fun thing, ask for details at the store. The best part about this is that I don't have to hang my head in guilty shame as I walk through Wal-Mart (aaaaah, the joys of a small town :).

Our contest for the week is for a $20 shopping spree to the Pea. Use it now or save it for more yummy new arrivals that are coming in everyday...just leave a comment about what you are doing to celebrate our Independence Day!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Winner 7/2

Courtesy of is our winner, Erin Curtis! Congrats, you may pick out your prize at Sweet Pea. I'll be posting more new arrivals and a new contest later today!